Christopher Pothier

when i was 19 years old, in the winter of 1993, i was parked in my father's driveway in new hampshire and i told myself that from this day forward, my life would be dedicated to making art.  previously, i had been struggling with my future as a person, essentially floating aimlessly without any foundation.  but on that one day, after studying and learning about art.. about the creative process... and discovering artists like salvador dali, leonardo da vinci, carl fabritius, and many, many others, i finally found my passion for painting.

a year after graduating college with a degree in fine arts/painting, i found myself working on a construction site in metropolitan boston.  i enjoyed building things, but i was miserable.... i wanted to paint... i wanted to make art.  one day in 1999, i opened the job site, threw the keys on the ground and left.  since that day, all i have been doing is making art for a living.

from the beginning, i have had two tracks that encompass what i do.  one, is the lifelong commitment to my original paintings.  through gallery representation, i have exhibited my paintings across the country and in europe.  my original paintings embody what it means to me to create and make art.  in them, i convey my deepest thoughts and emotions... i also use this platform to make commentary about society, human behavior and human emotion.  this is a practice that will never end.  recently, i told my children, that i will die with a brush in my hand.

the second track is my love of making art that satisfies a person or client's needs.  whether through mural production or oil painted portraits, my job is to use my skills to create for someone else.  i have done so many projects in this area.... from japanese shikkui plaster, italian venetian plaster, to mural restoration, what i can do for others is limitless and amazing.  i enjoy this very much because it gets me out of my studio and i get to lend my skills for others. i truly enjoy both aspects of what i do.


finalist, art renewal center's international salon. 2016

runner-up, most ambitious work, art renewal center's international salon. 2015
selected into the international exhibition for art renewal center's salon. 2015

finalist, art renewal center's international salon. 2014


Bowersock Gallery.  Provincetown, MA    USA

Steel Door Gallery. Portland, OR    USA